Dental Anxiety and You – Get Rid Of Them

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Dental anxiety is also known as dent phobia. People are usually scared of the tools the dentist would use inside their mouth. This leads to anxiety amongst patients. The focus of the dentists is to be more compassionate and patient with those who have dental anxiety issues.

A dentist would never use scare tactics to instill cooperation in their patients. Scare tactics are only effective on patients who do not have dental anxiety. As per statistics, over 75% of patients suffer from dental anxiety. Be assured that you will never be criticized or judged by a dentist for having dental anxiety. They understand your concerns and know that your fears are valid.

Techniques dentists use to calm you down

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They show care and compassion when you experience anxiety. They let you decide when you want to make the appointment so you can take the time to calm down before the meeting. Sedation is given to calm anxious patients. This is also called sedation dentistry.

It helps the patients relax and puts them in a semi-conscious state. Patients on sedation usually have no memory of the visit and this helps them relieve anxiety they experience during the dental procedures. Patients who fear needles are given oral pills of sedation.

  • The other techniques used by dentists
  • Nitrous oxide or the laughing gas is used to distract anxious patients
  • Though the effect is short-lived, it is a quick and a safe procedure
  • A mask will be put on the nose and you will be asked to breathe normally
  • The effect is felt within 30 seconds
  • You can always share your comfort levels when this mask is latched to your nose
  • Never skip dentist visits out of anxiety as it can escalate oral problems
  • Think about something positive or distract your mind with music when at the dentist’s clinic
  • No matter how terrified you are, you have to take care of your teeth all your life
  • You can also share your concerns with the receptionist
  • Stop listening to scary dental stories

There is more fear due to the imagination than the one bought by real experience. When you visit Carrollton dentist, be confident and focus on getting rid of the pain and dental problem that you have. Sometimes, fear of dentists does get passed down from parents.

You must know that this fear is only unreasonable and has no real validation. Dentists no more follow old school procedures where the comfort of the patient was ignored. Today, dentists are patient and empathic towards their patients. It has now become a standard practice to prioritize the comfort of the patient before starting any procedure.

Talking to your dentist can alleviate fear

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Image Source: Google

Only when you express your concerns will they know of your fears. Depending upon your level of anxiety they will slow down the procedure and take appropriate measures. It is always good to book a consultation visit and talk about your concerns before going in for any dental procedures.

Once you understand the procedure, it could relieve a greater portion of your anxiety.  Bring a family or a friend as a support system along with you. Ask your dentist if it is okay to allow a friend or a family member inside the procedure room. You could also speak to your dentist about your fears before the treatments start so that they know how to calm you down.


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