Exercise Can Lengthen Our Lives But Can It Be Harmful

Exercise Can Lengthen Our Lives … But Can It Be Harmful?

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According to the latest scientific studies it is important to practice 30 minutes a day of exercise and better if done daily than not just 3 or 4 days.

Thirty minutes a day for 5 days a week. This is the minimum amount of activity recommended to protect cardiovascular health.

Although it is not something that we come again because health professionals are always insisting on the importance of exercising daily, it is now clear that to benefit from the effects of our activities we should do at least 150 hours a week. In addition, according to a study conducted in the United States, it is stated that these 150 minutes per week of physical activity should be of moderate intensity.

But, what if we want to exercise more would be harmful for us? This is another question that we sometimes ask because everything in excess is bad in this life, even what apparently is healthy … The good news is that according to other studies focused on seeking answer to this question, if we do more exercise than what is marked as Healthy life helps us to lengthen our lives and stay healthy . Still, there are limits. In the article “Too much” sport is not good you can see the risk of doing too much sport.

The first of the two studies was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine and was carried out by a team of researchers from the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, USA. In the results they saw that people who practiced some physical activity even by below the established minimum had a 20% lower risk of mortality than those who did not exercise. And when they did 150 minutes a week or more this percentage reduction in mortality risk increased to 31%. Of course, according to the study, those who make more than 150 minutes also do not have such marked changes. They saw that to reduce the risk of mortality by up to 39%, it was necessary to do 450 to 750 minutes per week of exercise. That is to say,

Exercise Can Lengthen Our Lives But Can It Be HarmfulThe good thing is that although doing too much exercise is harmful when we say “too much” we are talking about doing 10 times more exercise than recommended. That is, fitness enthusiasts can be confident because they should spend the day in the gym to exceed this value of activity. Although this study speaks of the risk of mortality but not of psychological aspects or addictive attitudes … this is another point to take into account. Remember what I always say, you have to always look at all the pros and cons of things and not just be with information. And yet, draw your own conclusions.

However, according to another study that confirms that we can do more than 10 times of activity of the minimum established, the exercises that are performed of intense physical activity must be supported by clinical health and under control. This research was also published in the Archives of Internal Medicine and was conducted by a group of Australian researchers. In fact, they could also see that changing activity from moderate to severe intensity did not lead to changes in mortality risk that were actually significant. That is, they suggest that it is best to do some activity of moderate intensity.

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