The Difficulty Of Improving A Weakened Muscle

The Difficulty Of Improving A Weakened Muscle

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An injury, surgery or own pain may be the cause of our losing muscle capacity in an area of our body. In the case of the back we know that this loss generates pain due to the lack of stability and muscular balance in the movements. Recovering the muscles that are weak is not easy. To understand why, I’m going to tell you a little story. Before we started, I wanted to comment that physicians call hypotrophy this process of loss of strength and resistance in muscle. When it is due to neurological damage we call it atrophy. Having said that, the term atrophy is often used interchangeably in both cases.

The Difficulty Of Improving A Weakened MuscleWhy does it take so long to recover the musculature?

Imagine that they lend us a million euros to invest in the stock market and keep the profits. The conservative and sensible is to invest in a serious and consolidated company that grows slowly. In this way, for example, the value has grown 10% and we have won 100,000 euros. With this money we can do many things with little effort we have a high quantity that allows us to be able to buy many things.

We go to the same case but this time they give us 100 euros. After a year of investment we have 10 euros. With this money we are not rich, right? Then we take these 110 euros and we re-invest them. After winning another 10%, we have 121 euros. As you see the amount is growing but it costs a lot to reach significant amounts.

Let’s get back to the musculature. If I have a small injury and my muscles are at 80% with little training I will be fine.   Let’s say, for example, that at 85% capacity, pain disappears. With training and 10% increase in abilities, pain will give way. If, on the other hand, I have had surgery, it is possible that the musculature is 20-40% of its capacity for example. In this case, if we increase by 10% of force, which is a lot, we will continue to have a very poor musculature.

It is easy to overload a weak muscle

It takes many months to recover a weakened muscle even in ideal conditions of care and training. But this ideal situation does not exist. There is another problem that adds to everything discussed and is, the ease of making overeasures. When the strength of the muscles holding the vertebrae is diminished, gestures that require more restraint can hurt us. As the resistance is diminished, we can only maintain efforts for a short time, even if they are small. All of this implies that everyday banal gestures can be turned into overexertion as incredible as it may seem.

To avoid problems during recovery, it is necessary to be very clear where we started, as well as the concept of overexertion and the slow progressivity with which the muscles are improved. If we go faster than we should, we overload and cause pain. So the muscle will not grow, however much we train.

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