Types Of Alternative Medicine

Types Of Alternative Medicine

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Alternative medicine has definitely settled between us. In fact, today the supply of different types of alternative medicine is increasing, and it is incorporated to the whole spectrum of health, including also as additional coverage in many health insurance.

Types of Alternative Medicine

However, we still have a certain lack of knowledge about what this type of medicine is, the different classes and varieties of techniques and procedures it possesses, and the differences between alternative medicine and complementary medicine. We will try to approach these issues in a simple way.

By alternative medicine we understand the practices that come to be used instead of conventional medicine, in some cases being able to even be used as substitute of the conventional medicine absolutely for certain affections.

By complementary medicine we mean the other that can be combined with conventional medicine to improve medical treatments. Obviously and as you have already deduced, the types of alternative medicine cross and intersect in these concepts, since, the same type can be alternative and complementary depending on how it is used.

Types Of Alternative MedicineTypes of Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medical Systems

They are among the best known as they are the most deeply rooted within the Western mentality. Well because of their impact on other cultures, or because they have been installed longer, they are usually accepted more easily by the user.

These are complete systems in which there is a theory and practice accordingly, for example homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, naturopathy…

Manipulation (and body-based systems)

In this case they are methods that come to propose treatments from the manipulation or the movement of certain parts of the body, for example the massages or the chiropractic.

Systems and biological therapies

Although it seems that they have a name that augurs complicated treatments, on the contrary, these would be the variants of alternative medicine and complementary more rooted, since many of them have to do with the popular traditional medicine. Here we find the use of herbs, foods or vitamins, such as herbal products and also other uncontested therapies based on the intake or use of certain biological substances.

Therapies based on energy

They are therapies in which the use of so-called energy fields is proposed. Here is a really great variety of which, for example, we know in greater depth therapies like Tai Chi or Reiki. Here also the field is very varied since we can find proposals such as the use of electromagnetic therapies, in which are used the magnetic fields or AC or direct current.

Therapies focused on the mind and body

With a great presence mainly in the complementary medicine, very varied techniques some of them really extended and implemented as for example cognitive therapy, behavioral or the use of systems for support groups through this type of therapy.

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