Vitamin C For Your Immune System

Vitamin C For Your Immune System

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Surely you have heard many times that to prevent colds or flu you have to drink orange juice. Why is it good to take them? For their amount in vitamin C. In fact it is better to take the piece of orange alone (think that an orange juice has half of vitamin C than a piece of orange so you should put twice as many oranges to have the same effect). Although it has to be said that taking vitamin C has other advantages such as help in the formation of collagen and is very antioxidant, among other benefits.

In this post today I would like to show the foods that we can consume to get a good dose of vitamin C and for this I will quote Dr. Roberta Madonna, specialist in Clinical Biochemistry and nutritional consultant:

What are foods with more vitamin C?

“Vitamin C acts as a potent immunoregulatory as well as natural antiphlogistic. The daily requirement is not the same for everyone because it varies depending on the age, sex and different pathophysiological conditions that may occur.

In the case of vitamin C it must say that rarely deficits of this vitamin but anyway occur is good to know that to prevent vitamin deficiencies  is appropriate to adopt a balanced diet and balanced based on the daily consumption of vegetables in season . It is also very advisable to try to vary the intake in both type and color.

“Ascorbic acid is found mainly in fruits, vegetables and fresh vegetables; Sources of foods high in amounts of vitamin C, in particular, kiwis and all citrus, turnip leaves, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, berries, melons, peppers and potatoes.

Vitamin C For Your Immune SystemWhy is it recommended to take vitamin C?

“Vitamin C is essential for modulating the activity of white blood cells in the course of infections and for optimizing the overall reactivity of immune cells – also in other organic functions such as facilitating intestinal iron absorption and assisting the formation of red blood cells.”

In addition, it is involved in the process of endogenous collagen synthesis, improves tone and mood in the course of fatigue, exhaustion, nervousness or stress, and has a great antioxidant and natural anti- inflammatory power to effectively counteract the influenza virus, both in terms of prevention and faster healing.

Can Too Much Vitamin C Hurt?

“Yes. A greater intake of vitamin C to the actual needs of our body taken over a long period of time manifests adverse effects. “

It can cause problems in the kidneys affecting the formation of stones in susceptible individuals.

It can also alter the results of a pharmacological treatment because it interacts with other medications, such as oral contraceptives, barbiturates or anticoagulants.

In addition to vitamin C, what other foods are recommended for strengthening immune defenses?

“To protect ourselves from the flu viruses, it is essential to try to increase our body’s defenses and the food we eat is” the most potent drug “we could take for this purpose. A diet for this purpose should focus, above all, on the consumption of fruits, vegetables and seasonal vegetables, legumes, whole grains and proteins, leaving aside processed and refined foods, full of preservatives and additives.

It is important to follow a diet with phytonutrients, trace elements and antioxidants, which are more abundant in the vegetable kingdom and act for us as true allies against infections.

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