What I Learned From Health Insurance

What I Learned From Health Insurance

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When I was a young woman I used to think that I would only need to secure my health in the case of being a sick person. As I matured I realized that it is not always enough to practice the saying ‘better safe than sorry’ and that it may be worth it to cover you in health.

I remember coming to that day when I had to give birth I valued putting on the epidural (for years there was no such possibility), and it was then when I contracted health insurance having to pay an additional 300 $ to cover the usual “period of lack”. I decided to take out health insurance, not only for the money I could have saved myself if I had had it before, but for future eventualities.

The other day I read in the magazine of the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) that each Spanish family spends on average about 1,300 euros per year in health treatments. The care of dentistry and ophthalmology were at the top. And is that some health problems are an additional expense and we are not always prepared to deal with them.

What I Learned From Health InsuranceHaving a health insurance policy in these times may seem like a luxury, but right now I think things have changed. The prices of insurers have been accommodating to the needs of the moment. The saturation of Social Security, coupled with the importance given to the health and business of insurers, has made it possible to contract policies “anti-crisis” and that having that additional advantage is within reach of more pockets.

Some of my  reasons for hiring health insurance :

With a health policy you could access medical tests more quickly

In my opinion public health works well when it comes to visiting a family doctor, but if you have specific tests you can save a long waiting list.

Having a private insurance, in certain areas of health, would allow me a more personalized treatment. There are excellent professionals in Social Security but in many cases they are overloaded.

If you decide do not forget:

Compare prices. The fact that the market for medical insurers is up, makes more and more policies adapted to those who seek to spend little.

Ask if the insurer includes the most convenient medical or hospital centers

Take note of what coverage’s you have the policy they offer you and if you have dental insurance as well as periods of lack.

Assess if you may be interested in securing any member of the family and that would be compensated in the total quota.

Review long-term coverage. Some companies will try to offer you advantages over the first two years, but ask how the fee and benefits progress as you grow older.

Access to health is a universal right but if you want to avoid waiting, you want to choose a specialist or if you become independent professionally, it is worth considering extra coverage.

If there is an area in which I never hesitate to invest, that is my own health!

Do you think it is advisable to have health insurance? What experiences do you have with insurers? You can leave your opinion below or share this article if you think it’s interesting

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